About EBB-OT

Providing Occupational Therapy Assessments, Advice, Consultancy and Training Services to support the realisation of aspirations and dreams.

EBB-OT provides Independent Occupational Therapy Services specialising in the areas of Autism, Intellectual Disabilities and other developmental differences utilising Sensory Processing theory and evidenced-based Occupational Therapy practise to inform the services provided to both children and adults.

There are several forms of services available from EBB-OT dependent upon the need of the client.

Specialist Occupational Therapy Assessment(s), Advice and Reports provided by EBB-OT can help children, adults and those supporting and caring for them to better understand their fine motor, independence, organisation and sensory processing abilities and needs. Advice and reports provided by EBB-OT will enable the introduction of practical and effective support approaches to promote development and optimise functional performance in everyday life.

Attendance at multi-disciplinary and/or Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) meetings following EBB-OT assessment can help the wider team involved in supporting the individual to best understand the child or adult’s sensory processing, independence and functional abilities and needs and make practical and effective plans for support provision and/or transition.

Training Services provided by EBB-OT to schools, service providers, healthcare professionals, parent support groups, special interest groups and businesses help to develop understanding of autism and/or sensory processing and equip families and staff with practical support strategies and approaches. EBB-OT training services can make a positive difference to the lives of individuals presenting with these areas of need, their families and those involved in supporting, teaching and working with them.

Consultancy Services for businesses, schools and service providers may involve services such as specialist OT input into development projects, specialist resource or environment development and advisory packages of OT work. As with all EBB-OT services, these services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and therefore, the nature of EBB-OT consultancy services can vary greatly from one client to the next.

Sensory Storytime sessions available to pre-school and school aged children with autism, developmental disabilities and their typically developing peers combine popular story books with a wide variety of sensory activities. The additional fun, interactive elements make these sessions more accessible to children who may struggle to engage with a regular story time.

The location in which EBB-OT services are delivered, and format of service delivery is based upon the individual needs of the client and all services are tailored to best meet client needs.

EBB-OT Specialist Occupational Therapy Services (EBB-OT) is a sole trader and all services are delivered by:

Eve Barrett Baines MA Autism, BSc(HONS) Occupational Therapy.