Sensory Processing Awareness Training and Workshop with Staff at Cast in Doncaster

What a pleasure it was for me to deliver Sensory Processing awareness training to a team of staff at Cast in Doncaster this week!

Such a receptive group who were eager to increase their awareness of what sensory processing is and how sensory processing differences may impact upon individuals who experience these needs in the theatre environment. The group were also keen to get involved with the practical activities I had developed where the staff had the opportunity to experience for themselves the potential benefits and ways to make the most effective use of Cast’s large and small scale sensory resources. We also considered how to set up the theatre’s Sensory Space and Live Stream Room to optimise the potential benefits and accessibility to individuals and groups with various additional needs including but not limited to children and adults with Autism, Learning Disabilities, other neurodevelopmental disorders and adults with Dementia.

It was great for me to then be able to see these spaces being effectively accessed and enjoyed by children with additional needs the following morning during a relaxed performance of the pantomime for SEN schools. Having these accessible spaces where individuals with additional needs are able to obtain the sensory input they seek or access sensory media which they find calming before re-engaging with the performance in the live stream room or returning to the main space will make such a significant positive difference to so many individuals and their parents/carers/staff supporting them.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my work with Cast and can’t praise them enough for how committed they are to being an inclusive theatre with so much motivation to continue building even further upon the great work they’re already doing to make Cast productions so accessible to people with various additional needs.

You can read more about Cast’s Sensory Space below:

I highly recommend a visit!

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