Training Services

EBB-OT Training Services promote awareness and understanding of autism and/or sensory processing and equip individuals and groups with practical support strategies and approaches.

The bespoke training offered by EBB-OT can make a positive difference to the lives of individuals with autism, learning disabilities and those experiencing sensory processing differences. Furthermore, the families or carers of individuals presenting with these developmental differences and those involved in teaching, supporting, working with or providing services accessed by them can also benefit significantly from the increased understanding EBB-OT Training Services offer.

EBB-OT provides Training Services to:

  • Schools, Colleges and Universities (staff and/or students)
  • Service providers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Parents and Parent Support Groups
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Businesses

Training Services are bespoke to best meet the needs of the individual or group and can be delivered to provide a basic, intermediate or higher-level awareness and understanding of Autism and/or Sensory Processing.

Packages of training regarding practical support strategies, approaches and environmental adaptations are also available with some examples including:

  • Supporting the needs of individuals with autism at home/in school/college/workplace/community environments.
  • Sensory Processing Awareness and Practical Support Strategies for parents/carers/education and healthcare professionals (Including creating low cost sensory resources and sensory play activities).
  • Interacting with customers with autism and/or sensory processing needs.
  • Functional and purposeful use of sensory environments and equipment to enable staff, parents and carers to utilise these environments and equipment to best meet individuals’ needs.

Training can be delivered in a one-off session or over a series of weeks and can include trainer-lead and practical/workshop activities as required.

Please do not hesitate to contact EBB-OT to discuss your training needs.

Pricing information and an overview of the suggested training content to best meet your specific requirements is available upon request.