Working with Diverse Communities event

Honoured to have been invited to deliver Sensory Processing Differences training workshops at Cast’s ‘Working with Diverse Communities’ event next month. I’m really looking forward to this event and am delighted to be able to share in supporting the amazing work of the Audience Participation Team at Cast. Follow this link for more info on the event:

Puss in Boots inspired Sensory Storytime at Cast in Doncaster

Delighted to have been invited by the Audience Participation Team to deliver this Puss in Boots inspired sensory storytime session for children with additional needs at Cast in Doncaster.
Please check out Cast’s website for more info and details of how to book. P.S. IT’S FREE!!!

Snow Play at Cast in Doncaster. A fun and interactive experience for all!

Had another wonderful morning at Cast today, this time supporting a performance of Snow Play attended by children from a local special school and members of the public. Such a fun, interactive experience for all!

I was delighted to see how accessible this performance was and it was clear to see that the staff team at Cast had really given so much thought and consideration into implementing the recommendations I had made with regards to how the performance and environment could be adapted to best meet the additional needs of this group of children in addition to the amazing work they already do to make Cast such an inclusive and accessible theatre. The info I had provided had also clearly been shared with the actors who I was able to meet with before the performance began. This was great as they too were so eager to ensure the children’s needs were met so that they could engage with and enjoy the performance.

The way in which the performance was delivered was perfect and everyone present had such a wonderful time. The children appeared to thoroughly enjoy the performance with laughter and looks of sheer delight from start to finish.

A huge thank you to the staff at Cast, the Snow Play production team and actors. It’s been such an absolute pleasure working with you all!

Sensory Processing Awareness Training and Workshop with Staff at Cast in Doncaster

What a pleasure it was for me to deliver Sensory Processing awareness training to a team of staff at Cast in Doncaster this week!

Such a receptive group who were eager to increase their awareness of what sensory processing is and how sensory processing differences may impact upon individuals who experience these needs in the theatre environment. The group were also keen to get involved with the practical activities I had developed where the staff had the opportunity to experience for themselves the potential benefits and ways to make the most effective use of Cast’s large and small scale sensory resources. We also considered how to set up the theatre’s Sensory Space and Live Stream Room to optimise the potential benefits and accessibility to individuals and groups with various additional needs including but not limited to children and adults with Autism, Learning Disabilities, other neurodevelopmental disorders and adults with Dementia.

It was great for me to then be able to see these spaces being effectively accessed and enjoyed by children with additional needs the following morning during a relaxed performance of the pantomime for SEN schools. Having these accessible spaces where individuals with additional needs are able to obtain the sensory input they seek or access sensory media which they find calming before re-engaging with the performance in the live stream room or returning to the main space will make such a significant positive difference to so many individuals and their parents/carers/staff supporting them.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my work with Cast and can’t praise them enough for how committed they are to being an inclusive theatre with so much motivation to continue building even further upon the great work they’re already doing to make Cast productions so accessible to people with various additional needs.

You can read more about Cast’s Sensory Space below:

I highly recommend a visit!

Great fun at Cast Theatre’s Relaxed Pantomime Performance






What a wonderful morning I’ve had at Cast’s Relaxed Performance of their pantomime, Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood. Oh yes I have!! It really has been fantastic and I’ve been so thrilled to find how committed the entire team at Cast are to making their theatre accessible to all.

Upon entry to the theatre, everyone attending was made to feel so welcome and the friendly, approachable staff handed teachers and carers an information sheet which offered advice about the resources available including ear defenders for the performance, and adaptive cutlery and drinking bottles at the café. This info sheet also offered advance warning of a scene involving small soft balls being thrown throughout and by the audience so that the children could be prepared in advance of this. This was all in addition to the Social Story which Cast also makes available so that relatives, carers and school staff are able to use this fantastic resource to prepare the individuals for their visit to theatre so that they know what to expect.

All loud bangs throughout the performance were reduced, noisy pyrotechnics removed, and the children had the space to get up and move around when they needed as the theatre had deliberately not been sold to capacity.

Throughout the performance, I was also able to visit the theatre’s Sensory Space with a couple of children, which is such a fantastic resource. Once the children had accessed some of the sensory resources available, they were able to get comfortable on the beanbags in the live stream room and return to enjoying the performance in this quiet and calming environment.

I highly recommend a visit to one of Cast’s Relaxed Performances and it’s such an honour to be working with the team there to support them as they develop their Sensory Space and continue to offer relaxed performances, making adaptations which optimise how members of the audience with additional needs are able to engage with and access such enjoyable productions!

Make your own mess free sensory bonfire scene

Had great fun making this mess free sensory bonfire scene. So easy to do and very satisfying mixing the colours to make your own bonfire and fireworks display. Great for little hands and could be used to encourage use of hands, hand-eye coordination, finger isolation etc.

Simply cut out your desired scene,   take zip-lock sandwich bags and add poster paint then seal tightly and tape your sandwich bags behind your scene template. Add glitter for an extra visual sensory reward and enjoy!


‘A Spectrum of Possibilities’ Conference

Had a fab time attending Little Rainbows Autism Group’s  ‘A Spectrum of Possibilities’ Conference at Doncaster Keepmoat Stadium Yesterday. The 3 speakers, all of whom have a diagnosis of Autism, are so knowledgeable and passionate which made the day both interesting and inspiring.

Topics covered included defining happiness- an autism perspective, school experiences and Autism in girls and women. There were lots of well put across points to consider and it was great that the speakers answered questions raised by parents and professionals attending the conference drawing on their own experiences and perspectives of Autism.

The points raised certainly reinforce that we, as professionals, parents and those caring for/supporting individuals on the Autism Spectrum, should be focussing upon individual needs and finding how we can best support these needs rather than the focus being purely diagnosis driven. It is only through individual assessment and analysis of individual strengths as well as needs that we can truly introduce positive individualised support approaches to enable individuals to reach their full potential and feel happy, comfortable and fulfilled in their day to day activities and environments.

I’m so pleased that I attended this well organised, inspirational and upbeat event!

For more information about Little Rainbows and the work that they do visit their Facebook Page by clicking here

Sensory Storytime

Preparing my resources for this week’s Sensory Storytime session at Tickhill Community Library. As you can see, some of the resources in my box of tricks this week include: pom-poms to feel like swishy swashy grass; water mister spray bottles to help us image splashing and sploshing through a deep cold river; a snow globe to shake and watch as we imagine a swirling whirling snowstorm; oh and not to forget a bear who’ll be hiding in his cave. I wonder if anyone can guess which story we’ll be sharing this week?!

We have lots of fun sensory activities planned to help the children engage with the story as well as some fun action songs where we will use our sensory scarves and have fun with movement too.

If you think your child or group of children may enjoy Sensory Storytime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information!